About us

Innovation is in our DNA. Our projects are driven by leading techniques. This ensures our solutions remain relevant. See which techniques we use as building blocks for our innovations.


Movements’ strength is in combining techniques for different applications. With bespoke solutions, Movements creates a transition to a new era for its clients. Take a look at some of our innovations.

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Biogas plant employees ask themselves the same question every day: "How should the mixture of cocoa shells, manure, rotting apples and other residual product be composed...

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If one combines hardware and software cleverly, magical things can arise. One such gem is the ESaver. In a joint project with Bredenoord, the ESaver was developed a few...

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Market leader when it comes to charging stations for electric cars. By merging hardware and software the right way, this beautiful product was developed. We still work ha...

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eTuk Factory produces a smart sustainable mobility solution, namely electrified tuktuks. New Movements Innovations is developing a platform for eTuk Factory to continuous...


Our markets

At Movements we focus on markets in motion. These markets cover mainly the energy, mobility and health care sectors. Take a look at our vision, techniques and applications within your market.

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