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EV Box Schets

EV Box

Market leader when it comes to charging stations for electric cars. This beautiful product was developed through the right combination of hardware and software. We are still working hard on a daily basis to make the software more efficient and to add new functions. Moreover, we have developed an app that makes charging stations easy to find via a map.

The interplay in development between hardware and software shows the beautiful cooperation between different parties working towards a single goal together: Facilitating as many electric cars as possible by making charging stations available and thus protecting the environment.

For more information, start your (electric) engines and go to

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Efficient generators Schets

Efficient generators

Cleverly combining hardware and software can have magical results. One of those beautiful results is the ESaver. The ESaver was developed in a cooperative project with Bredenoord a few years ago. This software mix, a diesel generator that is up to 70% cleaner than a normal generator, confirms the results of the cooperation.

The ESaver supplies the required power by drawing from various sources. By cleverly switching between the sources and only engaging the engine in its optimal operating area, the ESaver can supply power far more economically, with significantly reduced emissions. You can find more information on the ESaver on

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Construction Schets


Sharing experience makes residential and non-residential construction more efficient. In cooperation with Klokgroep Movements Group has developed an application featuring a database that can be used to collect best-practice information. Every construction-related subject has a helpdesk with answers regarding the best solution, made for experts and managed by experts. It also serves as a place to ask personal questions to fellow professionals, allowing construction work to be performed more efficiently and in the best possible way.

The Tonnie application happily acts as a trusted construction assistant. Tonnie draws information from a database that can be updated on the spot. That means any construction-related question can be answered in no time. With a lot of useful functions at its disposal, Tonnie turns every day into a great day.

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Conversation Wizards Schets

Conversation Wizards

Navigation using your voice is not just intuitive, it is also faster and more natural. No wonder that intelligent speaker systems are playing an ever-increasing role in our daily lives. In cooperation with Conversation Wizards, Movements Group developed a system that determines the best dialogue based on predefined rules, such as your profile and the available assortment, to help you order pretty much anything. Anything? Exactly. Ordering a pizza, searching for insurance information or contacting customer service, the list goes on. The answers can be provided because the Movements software searches various databases, and does so at incredible speed. Ask anything; any request is possible.

The system is linked to various smart speaker platforms, so the same dialogue can be used to control both Google Assistant and Alexa. If you take into account that clever analyses are performed to improve the dialogues and that you can add variations to the dialogue yourself, this means you have a complete system at your disposal that sets up an entire new sales or communication channel for you.

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Solutions for railways Schets

Solutions for railways

A journey by train always has its ups and downs. But if you can map the problems in the railway network that cause these ups and downs, you can anticipate them. Kotak Hitam 1 is a hardware system that can be built into trains and that registers, among other things, the train’s movements.

By analysing these big data using innovative software, the cause of the problems can be uncovered. That way, it is possible to fully visualise which routes have more issues during train rides and where on the tracks problems occur. Using these data, the tracks and the trains can be maintained proactively, which means a reduction in train cancellations and less wear to equipment can be realised. Movements Group is developing Kotak 1 in cooperation with Indonesian railway operators.

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Hallo Zorg Schets

Hallo Zorg

Innovation can contribute to healthcare, too. HalloZorg a new vision for healthcare and prioritises cooperation. Via an online platform, various involved parties, such as families, friends and healthcare professionals, are brought together. All people involved are kept up to date and can contribute in their own way to the wellbeing of the person involved.

Each user can decide for themselves which modules they need. Take, for instance, sharing messages and photos, a shared calendar, a timeline, a logbook and tasks. In addition, domotics can be linked in order to facilitate healthcare. In addition to the software for the desktop application, Movements Group also developed an app that ensures the platform can be easily used on any smartphone. This way, HalloZorg is the ideal help in day-to-day healthcare.

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Track and Trace Schets

Track and Trace

Movements Group has developed the software and hardware for a device that records all kinds of information about a vehicle. Take, for example, the kilometres covered, fuel consumption and wear of the vehicle, and driving behaviour.

All this information is gathered in a back office and shown on a dashboard. The hardware is easy to install in the car, which no longer has to be converted in order to utilise a track-and-trace solution. It is easy to distinguish between business and private use in every car. This offers possibilities for an automatic kilometre registration system, but also to use insights to stimulate employees to cycle to work rather than use the car.

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