Smart Mobility

More efficient, more sustainable and safer traffic flows by implementing technological solutions - that is what we work on at Smart Mobility. Collecting data and applying algorithms to optimise traffic flow on roads, water- and railways play a crucial role in this. Implementing sensors in combination with Internet of Things technology moreover increases safety, because problems are detected more quickly. In addition, we develop intelligent systems by linking multiple real-time data sources. This ensures better and more efficient data flow and will let the Netherlands be optimally accessible, now and in the future.

Movements Group creates innovative solutions for many and very diverse challenges in the field of mobility. By applying our standard techniques, combined with custom work if needed, we’re able to solve your specific issue quickly and efficiently.

Dashboard and Information

By combining data in different ways and unlocking relevant data sources, we provide insight into mobility flows. These insights are shared on specially developed user-friendly dashboards.

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Management of Means of Transport and Infrastructure

Adding electronics to a ship, train, car or infrastructure, allows us to measure both usage and condition. This enables optimisation and maintenance of usage, resulting in cost reduction.

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Sustainable Energy for Mobility & Means of Transport

Smart energy flows are not a pipe dream. Whether it's travelling by electric car without running out of power or user-friendly software for your personal transport budget - we're all over it! This is how we not only make switching from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources possible, but attractive too.

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